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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Social Health: Intellectual and Emotional Impact of Society on Your Health

The society you live in and your interactions with it have a significant influence on your intellectual and emotional well being

  Look at the people from a conservative, fanatic or deeply religious society. Also look at the people from a liberal free thinking society. You can clearly experience the intellectual and emotional contrast between the two. Where as the former ones look tensed, narrow minded and unfriendly, the latter ones look peaceful, broad minded, intelligent and friendly. The reason for this is the "Social Programming" that we all undergo as we grow, live and age.  The society we live in can have a huge impact on our emotional status.

  We can call the collective impact of the society on our well being as "Social Health". It denotes the intellectual and emotional aspects of every interaction that we have with our society.

If you desire a good social health, be part of a good society. Live in the middle of a good society. If you are in a bad, violent society, move to a good, peaceful, wise, educated, intelligent society. You can observe major changes in your life. Contribute positively and visibly to your society. Make a lot of good friends. Be part of a family system, either traditional or alternative. (I shall discuss about the alternative family systems in a separate blog post) Take care of your family. Never talk behind anyone's back. Forget and forgive.

That's the secret of social health!


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