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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Four Dimensions of Life

In our lives, the four dimensions are like four wheels of a car.

 Always we see people hurrying up and running all around. That's the way the modern life style is.

  As a student, often I used to think about our very own existence and the purpose of it. What should I live for? What are my goals? Are they the right ones? If not what they ought to be? What should be my focus as I live my life every day?

These questions have been the favorite subjects of my contemplation over the years. Gradually they began to fuse into a single question- "What is important in life?"

It used to sound like asking how many hairs a kitten has, or like searching for a needle in a hay stack! Thoughts began to flow as I continued asking myself.

I would like to call the goal of human life as "Four Dimensional".
The 4 dimensions are:

1) Health
2) Wealth
3) Wisdom
4) The Value to the world

These are like the four wheels of the car of life - without any one of these, we can't steer the vehicle ahead. The time in our life is very limited. Almost 50 to 60 percent or even more is spent on sleeping(which is absolutely necessary), daily chores, traveling to and from the office etc. To optimize the usage of the time at our disposal, we should make sure that all of it is used to contribute to the four dimensions.

  I shall write about these four entities in detail in different blog posts.

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