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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mental Health: Mind-the one and only Real God

A beautiful life could be lived only if our mind is sound.

  Our mind is faster than light. Within no time, it can reach a planet millions of light years away from us! The speed and the power of imagination of our mind can be either benevolent or malevolent depending on what we think and which direction we lead it into.

Where our life leads us depends on the state of our mind. Thus our mind is the one and only real God.

A beautiful life can be realized only with a fit mind. How to be mentally fit? I am going to write about it here.

Abstain from substance abuse:

  Humans have invented marvelous methods to be unhappy, unhealthy and bankrupt which they think would make them happy. What's it? drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

The effect of substance abuse on our mind is horrifying. I remember my loving and caring grand uncle who died of brain neuron damage due to his excessive smoking habit. He developed trouble remembering even simple things. His face gradually protruded to one side.

  I remember a mad man dwelling on the road side, whom I used to see every day on the way to my school. previously he used to be absolutely normal. He got in to the habit of using Marijuana, after the prolonged use of which, he got totally insane.

There are millions of living examples around us, still many people refuse to see it and keep abusing drugs, just for the "sport" of it.

To have a healthy mind, keep away from substance abuse.

Self Discipline:

Self discipline is the ability to control our cravings, redirect towards and focus our mind on what is "needed" rather than letting our mind follow what we "want" or desire. Often the natural instincts may lead us to destruction and unhappiness. Self discipline gives us happiness, peace and bliss, but it takes practice for us to develop it.

Be self disciplined and be healthy!

Positive Attitude:

Often we come across "trouble magnets" in our daily lives-the people who look for reasons to be sad, the ones who look forward to gain people's sympathy by being miserable.

Life is not a bed of roses. We have to face good and bad times in our lives. With a Positive Attitude, we can avoid most of the difficulties in facing an unfavorable situation. I remember one of my professors saying:

"If your bus is a few minutes late, don't curse the life. Plug in an ear phone and listen to the music."

A positive attitude contributes positively to our mental well being.

Peace and Happiness through Practice: Meditation

  Meditation clears our minds of unwanted clutter,  where as contemplation results in finding positive solutions to problems through self questioning.
Happiness and peace are not achieved by accident, it takes prolonged practice and dedication.

Moderate Sex

Sex has a huge impact on mental health. It's like a sword-You can use it either for your good or to harm yourself. A moderate sexual life with self discipline is beneficial to us, whereas a sexual life without self control may lead us to our ultimate destruction. 

Sex is a good stress reliever and a good work out. It can improve our immunity. Researchers have found that having sex at least twice a week reduces the chances of heart attack by 50%. It makes you feel good and connected. Sex helps us sleep deeply.

 Sleep, Rest, Relax

Our mind is in constant operation-even when we sleep! It needs sleep, rest and relaxation.

  In my next post, I shall write about physical health.


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