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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Arts of Self Defence

Martial arts make our body and mind fit. -Ranjit

               Practicing martial arts is an excellent way to achieve inner peace. Apart from making your body strong, it provides you with focus of mind and self control. The experience and feelings of a martial arts student while practicing  the art is inexpressible.

The Katas of Karate, the Choreographed patterns of martial stances, is an excellent method to improve the flow of blood through out human body.

I had a chance to practice it under 2 great masters.

1) Respected Sensei Mariyappan of Trichy, the referee of World Karate Federation (Malaysia)

2) Respected Sathyanarayanan Gurukkal of Trivandrum. ( You can see him co-starring with Jackie Chan in the movie "The Myth" )

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