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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Social Health: Intellectual and Emotional Impact of Society on Your Health

The society you live in and your interactions with it have a significant influence on your intellectual and emotional well being

  Look at the people from a conservative, fanatic or deeply religious society. Also look at the people from a liberal free thinking society. You can clearly experience the intellectual and emotional contrast between the two. Where as the former ones look tensed, narrow minded and unfriendly, the latter ones look peaceful, broad minded, intelligent and friendly. The reason for this is the "Social Programming" that we all undergo as we grow, live and age.  The society we live in can have a huge impact on our emotional status.

  We can call the collective impact of the society on our well being as "Social Health". It denotes the intellectual and emotional aspects of every interaction that we have with our society.

If you desire a good social health, be part of a good society. Live in the middle of a good society. If you are in a bad, violent society, move to a good, peaceful, wise, educated, intelligent society. You can observe major changes in your life. Contribute positively and visibly to your society. Make a lot of good friends. Be part of a family system, either traditional or alternative. (I shall discuss about the alternative family systems in a separate blog post) Take care of your family. Never talk behind anyone's back. Forget and forgive.

That's the secret of social health!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to be Fit Physically?

Be fit or die!
  If you are physically broken, all the money you have earned will be of no use except to pay the hospital bills. We think of the importance of our health only when we fall sick. Let me have a brief discussion with you today on how we could maintain a fit body.


There is an old saying "you become what you eat!". The food you take in would affect your body as well as your mind. We can find a lot of myth propagating around us about nutrition which is promoted by greedy "health" product companies, corrupt governments, dirty drug companies and cruel  meat and dairy industry. Most of the people are victims to their false propaganda. Our children are fed with the poisonous and steroid mixed cattle dairy "health" foods. Most of the processed food we take contain dangerously high levels of synthetic preservatives, which will be denied by governments and the companies.

   What is the secret of ever lasting youth and health?

  Wait a moment. Before we ask this, let's turn back to the nature and find out a solution by our selves. Let's look at our evolution chain. Look at our closest relatives in the evolution chart, Bonobos, Chimpanzees and Guerrillas. The answer to our ideal diet is there!

The best food for optimum health is fruits, plenty of variety of fruits. To obtain the required protein level, our primate cousins keep taking fruits and other parts of plants until they reach the required level.

Having raw fruits, vegetables and leaves at particular intervals is the best thing we can do to optimize our health.

An important note: Most of the food items you find in the market now-a-days are inorganic, i.e., dipped in most dangerous chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So as much as possible, try to take only organic food, which is free from dangerous synthetic artificial chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Look for organic certifications such as "USDA Organic", EU certified organic and "Agricole Biologique".

Grains are not actually a natural food for humans, but if you find it difficult to get so much of fruit, you may substitute some fruits with very little grain food, but don't forget to take your daily bowl of mixed fruits.

The more raw food you take, the healthier you will be(of course not talking about grains, which are hard to digest raw!). If you want perfect health, avoid meat, egg, fish and dairy. Worldwide, many intelligent people are becoming Vegan. There are solid evidences for the meat and dairy causing cancer. A Vegan food can do wonders to your physical well being. I am writing this from my personal experience of last five years. I became a Lacto-Vegetarian fifteen years ago and a total Vegan in 2007. Until I became a Vegan, I used to meet doctor every month, at times twice a month. I forgot the day I visited a doctor after I adopted a total Vegan diet. I started feeling more active and healthy.

Take only clean food and have plenty of water, a minimum of 2.5 ltrs a day.

Rest and Sleep:

Without sufficient rest and sleep, we would become totally broken. So never ignore rest and sleep. Sleep well enough so that when you wake up you feel fresh and active. Straining a lot without proper rest is the same as placing a huge and heavy stone on your heart. Restlessness can adversely affect your mind as well.

Work out:

If an idle mind is a devil's work shop, an idle body is under taker's hope! If you dream of a healthy body, defeat laziness and start working out. Don't strain yourself a lot-it can do more harm than good. Do it in moderation. Straining a little is OK, but not too much. As I mentioned earlier, it can over load your heart and damage it. I remember my heavy working out gym friend who died at the age of 27 due to a heart attack. The natural body movements such as walking, running, swimming etc. and stretches are the best exercises. Remember, don't over-do it!

Remember-your body is like a machine. Don't forget to lubricate your joints with oils periodically.  This will help you avoid sprains and spasms.

Regular work out is the key to good health.

Environment and Hygiene

Look at the people living in dirty surroundings and the ones in clean environment. You can quickly identify the difference.

We live in a heavily polluted world. The air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, in everything you can see a touch of the greed of the human race in the form of pollutants and contaminants. These could cause multiple serious diseases. Try to live in a place with clean surroundings and less air pollution. If you are in a heavily polluted city, consider moving to a less polluted city. If you can't, use breathing masks on the roads. Try to travel in air conditioned vehicles.

As I mentioned earlier, eat clean organic food whenever possible. Have a lot of clean water. Keep your body, cloths and home clean.


Care for your body. If you are sick, consult the doctor without delay.
You could also prevent the diseases before they attack you. The "Sukha Chikitsa" division of Ayurveda deals with the periodic preventive medication aimed at building up your immunity when you are disease-free.


As I wrote on my previous blog on mental health, balanced sex is vital for good health.  Sex has a huge impact on physical health as well.

Re-posting the paragraph here.

" It's like a sword-You can use it either for your good or to harm yourself. A moderate sexual life with self discipline is beneficial to us, whereas a sexual life without self control may lead us to our ultimate destruction.  Sex is a good stress reliever and a good work out. It can improve our immunity. Researchers have found that having sex at least twice a week reduces the chances of heart attack by 50%. It makes you feel good and connected. Sex helps us sleep deeply. "

Sex has the power to improve our immunity. It can prevent the formation of prostate cancer. It acts as a pain reliever.

In my next blog post, I shall write about Social Health.



Mental Health: Mind-the one and only Real God

A beautiful life could be lived only if our mind is sound.

  Our mind is faster than light. Within no time, it can reach a planet millions of light years away from us! The speed and the power of imagination of our mind can be either benevolent or malevolent depending on what we think and which direction we lead it into.

Where our life leads us depends on the state of our mind. Thus our mind is the one and only real God.

A beautiful life can be realized only with a fit mind. How to be mentally fit? I am going to write about it here.

Abstain from substance abuse:

  Humans have invented marvelous methods to be unhappy, unhealthy and bankrupt which they think would make them happy. What's it? drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

The effect of substance abuse on our mind is horrifying. I remember my loving and caring grand uncle who died of brain neuron damage due to his excessive smoking habit. He developed trouble remembering even simple things. His face gradually protruded to one side.

  I remember a mad man dwelling on the road side, whom I used to see every day on the way to my school. previously he used to be absolutely normal. He got in to the habit of using Marijuana, after the prolonged use of which, he got totally insane.

There are millions of living examples around us, still many people refuse to see it and keep abusing drugs, just for the "sport" of it.

To have a healthy mind, keep away from substance abuse.

Self Discipline:

Self discipline is the ability to control our cravings, redirect towards and focus our mind on what is "needed" rather than letting our mind follow what we "want" or desire. Often the natural instincts may lead us to destruction and unhappiness. Self discipline gives us happiness, peace and bliss, but it takes practice for us to develop it.

Be self disciplined and be healthy!

Positive Attitude:

Often we come across "trouble magnets" in our daily lives-the people who look for reasons to be sad, the ones who look forward to gain people's sympathy by being miserable.

Life is not a bed of roses. We have to face good and bad times in our lives. With a Positive Attitude, we can avoid most of the difficulties in facing an unfavorable situation. I remember one of my professors saying:

"If your bus is a few minutes late, don't curse the life. Plug in an ear phone and listen to the music."

A positive attitude contributes positively to our mental well being.

Peace and Happiness through Practice: Meditation

  Meditation clears our minds of unwanted clutter,  where as contemplation results in finding positive solutions to problems through self questioning.
Happiness and peace are not achieved by accident, it takes prolonged practice and dedication.

Moderate Sex

Sex has a huge impact on mental health. It's like a sword-You can use it either for your good or to harm yourself. A moderate sexual life with self discipline is beneficial to us, whereas a sexual life without self control may lead us to our ultimate destruction. 

Sex is a good stress reliever and a good work out. It can improve our immunity. Researchers have found that having sex at least twice a week reduces the chances of heart attack by 50%. It makes you feel good and connected. Sex helps us sleep deeply.

 Sleep, Rest, Relax

Our mind is in constant operation-even when we sleep! It needs sleep, rest and relaxation.

  In my next post, I shall write about physical health.


Corner Stone One - Health

Mind and body are like twin cubs. The imbalance of one can affect the other.

  In my previous blog post, I penned about the four dimensions of life. These are the four corner stones of our lives. The first and foremost one is health.

The term "health" collectively denotes:

  A. Mental Health
  B. Physical Health
  C. Social Health

Even though the activities related to health can be classified in this way, most of these are inter-related. One could affect the other.

I shall write more on each of these in my next blog posts.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Four Dimensions of Life

In our lives, the four dimensions are like four wheels of a car.

 Always we see people hurrying up and running all around. That's the way the modern life style is.

  As a student, often I used to think about our very own existence and the purpose of it. What should I live for? What are my goals? Are they the right ones? If not what they ought to be? What should be my focus as I live my life every day?

These questions have been the favorite subjects of my contemplation over the years. Gradually they began to fuse into a single question- "What is important in life?"

It used to sound like asking how many hairs a kitten has, or like searching for a needle in a hay stack! Thoughts began to flow as I continued asking myself.

I would like to call the goal of human life as "Four Dimensional".
The 4 dimensions are:

1) Health
2) Wealth
3) Wisdom
4) The Value to the world

These are like the four wheels of the car of life - without any one of these, we can't steer the vehicle ahead. The time in our life is very limited. Almost 50 to 60 percent or even more is spent on sleeping(which is absolutely necessary), daily chores, traveling to and from the office etc. To optimize the usage of the time at our disposal, we should make sure that all of it is used to contribute to the four dimensions.

  I shall write about these four entities in detail in different blog posts.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Secret of Success

A tree undergoes several stages before baring fruits. Similarly there is a Secret to the Success in our lives.  -Ranjit

Often I hear people asking about the secret of success. I used to think of it either. Finally I have concluded that "Setting an appropriate goal, burning desire to achieve your goal, determination, will power, consistency, persistence, focus, dedication and discipline are the secrets of success."

Foundation of a Healthy, Peaceful World

A serene, hail and hearty world...... -Ranjit

When would the world be a Peaceful, Healthy place?

The answer is simple- the time the mankind becomes a society based on the ultimate wisdom that treating animals as our food, milking slaves, objects of entertainment and materials of trade are the worst things we could do to ourselves.

Happy Green Planet

Our environment is getting devastated moment by moment because of the human greed  - Ranjit

As a child I often used to think how the world could be transformed as a Happy Planet to live in.

With the passing years I realized that the world will be a heaven the day the world had an Equal, Wise, Intelligent, Classless society which realizes that the greed on earth's resources and foolishly damaging the environment would result in the total destruction of the animals, the trees and ultimately of their own kind.

The Arts of Self Defence

Martial arts make our body and mind fit. -Ranjit

               Practicing martial arts is an excellent way to achieve inner peace. Apart from making your body strong, it provides you with focus of mind and self control. The experience and feelings of a martial arts student while practicing  the art is inexpressible.

The Katas of Karate, the Choreographed patterns of martial stances, is an excellent method to improve the flow of blood through out human body.

I had a chance to practice it under 2 great masters.

1) Respected Sensei Mariyappan of Trichy, the referee of World Karate Federation (Malaysia)

2) Respected Sathyanarayanan Gurukkal of Trivandrum. ( You can see him co-starring with Jackie Chan in the movie "The Myth" )

Towards Peace, Health & Happiness

There is no God other than your own mind-so keep it fit.

        Self-Discipline is the key to everlasting bliss. A happy mind can exist only in a fit body, so provide it with moderate food, rest, meditation and work out.

If you want a clear mind, practice meditation. Stop thinking of anything that's not beneficial to the earth, our environment, animals, humans and to yourself!

So the message is- "avoid mental clutter!":-)


Ranjit Vegano EcoSocialisto