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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whale warrior arrested: His crime-Protecting the Oceans

Capt Paul Watson, a staunch champion of the ocean protection is arrested in Germany based on the politically motivated false charges against him by the corrupt regimes of Costa Rica. 

  In the remote corners of the world, around the beautiful lonely ice sheathed continent of Antarctica, the whaling ships supported by the corrupt regimes venture out to cause mass destruction of the beautiful magnificent beings known as whales, but they are not free of resistance, thanks to Capt Paul Watson and his dedicated Earth Navy known as "Sea Shepherds" whom the Earth-rapist regimes have labelled as "Pirates".
The stalwart Captain is the co-founder of Green Peace. He was named as "One of the 50 people who could save Earth" by The Guardian in 2008.

  The enemies of the oceans and humanity always wanted to shut down the Sea Shepherd operations, so that they could ravage the seas and cause the extinction of the whales, without any resistance. The Captain said in an interview quoting Einstein "Take away all the bees and I will give you four years for the man kind-and we are gone." This denotes the importance of every creature in our Eco-system.

  In 2002, Costa Rica had invited Sea Shepherds to monitor illegal shark fishing operations. off Guatemalan coast, Sea Shepherd ship the Ocean Warrior intercepted the illegal shark finning operation run by a Costa Rican ship, the Varadero. Sea Shepherd radioed Varadero to stop their operations. After a day-long chase, the Varadero agreed to be escorted into Guatemala. While escorting the Varadero to  the port, the tables were turned and a Guatemalan gunboat was dispatched to intercept the Sea Shepherd crew. The crew of the Varadero accused Sea Shepherd of trying to kill them, while the video evidence proves this to be a fallacy. The Guatemalan gunboat was dispatched to confront the Ocean Warrior, which fled for Costa Rica, where they uncovered more evidence of illegal shark poaching. The Ocean Warrior navigated off to the international waters to avoid arrest. The incidents can be clearly seen in the award-winning film "Sharkwater(2007)".

  This month, the Captain was arrested in Germany on a warrant issued by Costa Rica, based on the politically motivated false charge of "attempted murder".

  You can help release the Captain. How?

  Please email these two people:

1) Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger- Federal Minister of Justice
2) Dr. Guido Westerwelle - Minister of Foreign Affairs
The email ID and Letter template can be copied from below, you just have to copy, paste and send it. Your action could save the Oceans.

Email ID:

1) sabine.leutheusser-schnarrenberger@bundestag.de,

2) guido.westerwelle@bundestag.de


Message Template:

Dear Ms Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger/Dr. Guido Westerwelle,

I was very concerned to hear that Germany has detained Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson for possible extradition to Costa Rica. I understand that the warrant for Captain Watson's arrest is politically motivated and possibly due to an incident in which Sea Shepherd uncovered an illegal shark finning operation.

I support Sea Shepherd's efforts to monitor and publicise illegal
fishing and whaling around the world and recognize that some illegal fishing operations try to use international law to shut down the Sea Shepherd operations.

I urge you to consider the valuable work Captain Watson and Sea
Shepherd are undertaking globally to highlight the dangers to our
oceans in considering this extradition request.



By Post:

1) Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Federal Minister of Justice
Deutscher Bundestag
Platz der Republik
11011 Berlin

Telephone 030 - 227 751 62 from outside Germany dial +49 302 277 5162
Fax 030 - 227 764 02 from outside Germany dial +49 302 277 6402

2) Dr. Guido Westerwelle - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Platz der Republik 111011

Tel.: 030 / 22771636 from outside Germany +49 302 277 1636
Fax: 030 / 22776562 from outside Germany +49 302 277 6562